This is a straightfoward “kick in the door” campaign that will roughly follow the Scales of War Adventure Path published in Dungeon Magazine for D&D 4E. The campaign will take place in the standard D&D world depicted in the 4E core rulebooks, and will be built upon all of the basic assumptions in those books. All of the histories, places, gods, races, classes, monsters, and items described in those books will exist in this world in some fashion.

The intent of this campaign is to create a merciless, old-school feel, where all DM rolls are made in front of the players, and death can lurk around every corner in the form of sudden traps or hidden monsters.

The story of the campaign will begin in the Elsir Vale, towards the western fringes of the lands that once contained the Empire of Nerath, a mighty human empire that fell approximately three hundred years ago. About 40 years ago, the Elsir Vale (and in particular, the town of Brindol, located in the center of the Vale) was the site of a short but fierce war between the Vale’s peaceful citizens and a great army of evil known as the “Red Hand”: a vile host of goblinoids that fanatically worshipped the evil dragon-god Tiamat. Although the evil host was eventually repelled by the forces of good, the victory was at great cost to Brindol and the Vale, and the memory of that fateful conflict still weighs heavily on much of Brindol today, more than a generation later.

As the campaign opens, the characters will have all recently arrived in Brindol for their own individual reasons. As the characters traveled through the Vale towards the town, they heard tales that hobgoblins and other dark creatures have begun to trouble the region once more. According to the tales, these hobgoblins bear the insignia of the Red Hand, giving new life to the some of the worst fears of the Vale’s people…

Scales of War

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